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Tired…but looking forward to Paris

The day job seems to be taking over again. I keep forgetting to have breakfast, but slowly become more gastro-0rientated by tea time.

I have not really had time to start a food experiment this week and probably won’t get a chance to, so instead I am going to plan something for next week that has a french theme, as on Monday I will be in Paris. Maybe I will eat nothing but croissants all week?

No i’m not Giles Coren or do I wish to be supersized…but I am looking forward to spending the weekend and beyond in lovely Paris, staying near Fauchon, Ladurée and Hediard (of course)..looking forward to a Michelin starred meal on Sunday evening – a wedding on the Seine with great food, what more could you ask for?

  • Maybe some dancing girls covered in Jerusalem artichokes?
  • A big swimming pool sized bowl of Artisan du Chocolat – Chocolate salty balls?
  • A fast car full of duck confit?

Sorry. Trying to mix my fantasies there.

Anyway, the collation is nearly there. tho I have been having a few problems with a few exports and feeds and as I have not put up a proper WordPress blog (working on it in my spare time) everything is a little squiffy. Not to worry will have it sorted soon.

Having fondue chinoise for dinner this evening as I can’t be arsed to cook and am having people round, bit of chopping and a little sauce making and poof – we are cooking (with methylated spirits!)


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